From a young age I have had an interest in how people interpret their world and find meaning in it. All children are born with a sense of wonder and I hope I never lose mine.

My degree majored in Psychology and included aspects of philosophy, drama and business. All of these are indicative of  the different strands of who I am.

Whilst at University I also became interested in mind management and learned meditation, visualisation and healing techniques through the “Silva Method”.  My interest in this field developed to include meditation practices focusing on the breath, light, sound and guided commentary.

The research for my M.A. gave me the opportunity to explore the use of expressive therapy tools for counselling and self development. This helped me understand the intuitive choices I make when working with clients.

Whilst currently working part time for the NHS, I also provide individual and group work for both adults and children through U Tree Therapies.


BSc (Hons) majoring in Psychology of Human Behaviour

MA Counselling.  MBACP

Reiki Teacher.  IIHHT   IHBC   

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