The chakras are the energy centres of the body. This workshop runs over 8 x 2 ½ hour sessions.

 The introductory session raises awareness of all 7 chakras and how problems in various aspects of your life can be connected to a blockage or sluggishness in one particular chakra.

The following 7 sessions take each chakra in turn and allow you to experience working in a variety of ways to clear, attune and balance each one for optimal functioning.

Current cost £30 per session

Do you know who you really are or do you confuse yourself with the roles you play? 

This workshop gently guides you through staged recognition to finding the true core of your being. You will examine personality types , labels, roles, archetypes, and shadow selves.


Working with aspects of self you will begin using

elements of psychosynthesis to integrate the

various and often split off parts of yourself for inner

 peace and tranquillity.


The workshop is over 3 sessions