Meditations come from many traditions and it is our aim to provide you with a wide basis from which to choose the most powerful format for you.

For most people meditation conjures the image of a Buddha in a lotus position. This however is just one aspect of a specific technique.


Our meditations course introduces a range of methodologies designed to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and styles.

Therapeutic Journeying.

Using the power of visualisation, meditation and drumming, participants are invited to explore different realms of possibility, leading to awareness, insight and confidence.


This introductory workshop awakens you to the existence of new and previously unexplored territories in which wisdom may be sought.


Each journey takes the participant on a unique and personal voyage to levels of being best suited to the individual’s highest good.


To be fully appreciated the therapeutic journey needs to be introduced in an appropriate and safe setting.


Once you are familiar with the routine you may access the ‘worlds’ when you wish.