Combining Therapies.

Counselling and EFT are extremely flexible and lend themselves well to combining with their many relatives in the energy therapy world. Alongside counselling and EFT we integrate inner child work, energy psychology, aspects of kinesiology, image work, meditations, expressive therapies, Reiki and Brain Gym.

Recognising the impact of early experiences we use creative ways to communicate with lost, hurt, damaged and angry parts of ourselves, nurturing them to maturity and wholeness.

This addresses the relationship of energy systems to emotion, cognition, behaviour and health. We use a range of techniques including Reiki, EFT and image work to examine our core beliefs and to update our resulting behaviours.

Influenced by the work of Dr Bradley Nelson, author of “The Emotion Code”, we believe that the body holds onto negative emotions. By working directly with the body we can find and release the recurring hurt.

Within counselling, image work is frequently used to give another dimension to the challenges being faced by a client. An image can often help to get a clearer perspective on the situation, leading to speedier resolution.

Devised and developed by Dr. Paul Dennison, this is a series of quick and fun activities designed to create and enhance neural pathways and assist in whole brain integration.

Reiki is universal energy or life force. The Usui Reiki system follows the teachings of Japanese Reiki Master/Teacher Mikao Usui. Students train in this system and, when attuned, use the universal energy for their own benefit and others

These may include a variety of ways in which the client works through a problem.. It can include drawing, painting, working with cards, stones, writing letters, etc. In this way the problem is given a different dimension and is viewed from an alternative point.

It is scientifically proven that meditation allows the body and mind to release accumulated stresses. Guided meditations enable one to access aspects of the subconscious which may hold the key to unlocking answers to problematic issues.